The State of Senior Dining Services

As we shift into the post-COVID times, it’s important to note that dining has changed across the country. Not only in restaurants but also in senior living communities. In order to get a better idea of the state of senior dining, we asked the healthcare providers themselves. While every company is different, many of them are dealing with the same challenges.

Main Findings:

  • Many providers are taking a more hybrid approach to senior dining services, as they’re focusing on both hospitality and healthcare.
  • Technology is essential for companies, as it can assist with menu management, point-of-sale, online food ordering, staff scheduling, and many other areas to provide quality senior dining services.
  • During these post-COVID times, companies are still struggling to control costs, retain labor, and meet their residents’ needs. While those are the top three challenges that providers are facing, some are still dealing with product availability and supply chain issues.
  • As the senior dining service industry is changing, there are still many providers trying to improve the overall experience. They’re adding flexible dining spaces, quick-serve, areas, modern point-of-sale technology, online ordering options, to-go meal delivery, and much more.
  • Many changes made during COVID are becoming permanent in the senior dining service world such as resident room delivery and grab-and-go dining options.

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