At Culinesse, our founders are foodservice management industry veterans who feel responsible to nourish the growth, health and happiness of all whose lives we touch. We make it easier for guests to choose “healthy food first”, for team members to “live up to their talent”, and for our chefs, nutritionists and managers to focus on uplifting residents and hourly team members.

To have Social Impact, we:

  • Work closely with our clients to continually improve operating efficiency to generate savings that we can share with hourly team members to improve their and their families’ quality of life;
  • Provide our team members with free online and community college courses along with on-the-job apprenticeships to enhance their skills and take-home pay;
  • Support our clients’ fundraising efforts to help generate resources to serve residents who have outlived their financial resources but not their human need for love, respect and dignity;
  • Value all people by creating positive empowering cultures and services that allow our residents and team members to be engaged, happy and able to reach their full potential;
  • Create purposeful jobs, support pay equity, offer fair paid leave, establish work schedules that work, invest in team member training, and promote from within;
  • Replace short-term goals that result in exploitation with long-term goals that support investment, growth and sustainable prosperity in our and our clients’ communities.

We believe that to build a legacy of positive social impact, we must “think, say, and do”. In partnership with clients of similar mind, we will use products, practices and profits to benefit all and prepare a better place for future generations.

Senior Couple Being Served