At Culinesse, we believe a meal is an opportunity to bring comfort, peace of mind, and positivity to life plan community residents and team members. How you present a meal can have a lasting impact on your mood, a guest’s mood, and a company’s success. Every time humans interact, it is a chance to make the world a little more enjoyable. Every interaction with a guest should be guided by pleasantries and positivity will follow.

The first step to positivity is to greet your guest with a friendly welcome. As humans, we tend to mimic the behavior and attitude of those around us. When someone has a negative attitude, our behavior will start to match. Likewise, smiles and laughter are contagious and can positively affect everyone nearby. As hosts, it is essential that we guide our guests’ behavior by modeling it in ourselves. With the right demeanor and a friendly smile, everyone’s day will be a little brighter. By treating others with kindness, they are more likely to treat you the same.

The second step is to continue this kindness throughout the duration of the guest’s visit. When a guest dines at your table, their needs should be met. They should be spoken to in a friendly tone and their requests should be listened to, questions should be answered, and concerns should be managed. Make a guest feel respected, and the resulting connection will boost the mood in any dining room.

Spread Positivity & Contact Our CCRC Management Company

For more advice on how to spread positivity in your community, we welcome you to get in touch with our CCRC management company. We help clients throughout Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Richmond, VA; and Roanoke, VA provide exemplary food career services and senior dining services. By guiding a company’s culture, we provide them with the strategies they need to be successful.